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An Independent Voice for All Citizens

Welcome friends, neighbors, and those who are just curious:

My 17 years living in the Davis community have been the best years of my life. The high quality of life that I have experienced in Davis has made me passionate about both Davis’ present and it’s future.

I have been, and will continue to be, an Independent Voice for ALL Davis Citizens. If I am elected in June, I will be 75 days from my 69th birthday. Age 69 is way too late to start a political career, and as a result my campaign is not to be elected to political office, rather it is to become an elected public servant in support of the citizens and residents of Davis.

I will Fight for Sustainability . . . Economic Sustainability, Quality of Life Sustainability, Energy Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability. As good as the quality of life in Davis has been, there are significant threats to the sustainability of that quality of life.

The cracks we all see each day in our streets have appeared because we have not managed our finances prudently or responsibly. We have failed to do necessary maintenance to our bike paths, streets, sidewalks, park structures, pools, tennis courts, traffic signals, as well as our urban forest, playgrounds, irrigation systems, fire stations, and city building.

I am a Voice for Fiscal Responsibility. Our annual City Budget has all too often been created with an “out of sight, out of mind” perspective. Our leaders have touted the level of our General Fund reserve, while at the same time not acknowledging the massive number of dollars that was accumulating outside the boundaries of the formal budget document. We simply have not been honest with ourselves.

The City of Davis needs to Pay Its Bills just like every individual Davis household does. We need to live within our means. We can’t continue to hide our deferred maintenance costs off the books. Hiding from our financial obligations doesn’t work in our personal lives. Pretending it works in our city government is both foolish and wrong.

I am running for City Council because of my belief that “If you are going to complain, you have to be willing to contribute.” I want to contribute to the quality of life in Davis by being your elected public servant.

Election Day is Tuesday, June 7, 2016. Your early endorsement and a contribution of any amount will help share our message.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. I am ready to run because “We’ve got work to do!”


Matt Williams

Matt Williams

Listening to You

Matt's Core Beliefs are

  • More evidence based decisions,
    Fewer political calculations
  • A voice for fiscal responsibility
  • Fighting for Sustainability
  • An Independent Voice for All Citizens
  • Listening to you
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